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Quote (olegt @ Oct. 19 2010,12:25)
One of young earthers offers his theory of the origin of the Universe:
My position is that the universe originally began in the form of water and that that water was located in one location. At some point gravity was applied. The water would have assumed the shape of a sphere and there would have been tremendous force applied to the water near the center of the sphere (let's call it "CW" for "Center Water") due to pressure from the water above it. The force would have been sufficient to break chemical bonds and overcome the nuclear forces for the atoms in CW, which would have released a tremendous amount of energy and led to the formation of new elements by fusion in other parts of the watery mass. Some hydrogen and helium would also have been produced. Let's assume that a torque was applied to the watery mass and it began spinning. The H and He would have been located at the outer regions as an atmosphere of the watery mass. At some point let's assume that the hydrogen and helium and possibly some of the watery mass were separated from the original watery mass and formed stars. The key question here is, "What would have been the composition of the stars when they would have been formed in this scenario?" Clearly, it would not have been that of the main sequence stars as astronomers suppose them to have been composed at their beginning.

This is just so freaking awesome!

Actually, the key question here is "Huh?"

Math is just a language of reality. Its a waste of time to know it. - Robert Byers

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