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Stephen Elliott

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 21 2007,15:45   

Quote (Dr.GH @ Jan. 21 2007,13:17)
My reason for posting was to point out that we can all do a lot more than post internet items. I do think that the internet is a valid and important communication tool. But, face-to-face in a public setting is something that the creationists have excelled at for too long.

Book stores are absolute natural places to give talks. The entire evo/creato conflict is in books. The visual impact of holding up a Bible by the three pages that hold Genesis 1-11 and asking the audience "Why do creationists insist on throwing away the rest of this book if we don't like their literalist interpretation of these three pages?" is great! You can see people's eyes focus on the Bible hanging there and almost hear them thinking "Creationists are idiots!"

In addition to the ten copies of WIDF we sold, two people bought copies of Barbara Carroll Forrest, Paul R. Gross
2004 Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design Oxford University Press

Book stores are all about selling books. If you give them a list of pro-science books they carry and offer to give a talk on evo/creavo that will sell books, they will set you up. Make a list of the creationist books they sell and mention them as well.

I think that ID is dead and the need to fight hard against it has gone.

Let me explain what I mean by that. ID was a threat to science education a while ago. There was the possibility that it could creep into a biology class. I think that has largely gone.

ID will continue though but in a shadow of it's previous self. I think ID will join astrology and crystal healing as a threat to science education. Some people will believe and buy books but it will not be taught as mainstream science.

Oh, the main proponents will continue to try but I doubt they will make progress. The evidence aginst them (mostly gifted by those idiots) is too strong.

We should remain observant. However, the panic is over. They lost big time.

UD is a good example. All anyone need to do is to point out a controvesy is what they claim they want to how they behave.

CLAIM: We want all P'sOV taught.
REAL LIFE: We permit no descent.

Those people are so stupid it (almost) defies belief.

The reason we should remain observant is because ID will try to do a "phoenix" type trick in a few years with a different name. That is my prediction. Secondary prediction: They will use the same arguments and be easily linked.

They are that stupid. Lenny has completely won me over. You can tell those fools the outline of their own strategic folly and they will still do it. F'Kin Eejits! And who wants to send their kid to a school run by those?

EDIT: Sorry DR.GH I forgot to say that I do not dissaprove of you attacking ID. I aplaud you sir. I think it is good to atack it, I just don't consider it as neccessary as it was a couple of years ago (or more).

ID is/was a rather nasty movement. But they managed to about defeat themselves through stupidity.

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