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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 13 2007,22:43   

Screw 'em.  (shrug)  

ID/creationism is a political fight.  Politics is a business full of knives.  This isn't a badminton match -- it's a boxing match.  Punches will be thrown, teeth will be knocked out, and blood will spatter the walls.  One side will win and walk away, one side won't.

If the nutters can't take it, they should go cloister themselves somewhere safe and never venture out into the real world.  Heat, kitchen, and all that.

I see no need whatever to make nice-nice with them.  My aim, frankly and openly, is to destroy them as an effective political movement.  Completely, totally, and irreversibly.  And I make no promise whatsoever to be "polite" about it.

I treat fundies the same way I treat Nazis, Leninists and Klansmen.  And for much the same reasons.

Editor, Red and Black Publishers

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