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And of course it's always entertaining when the fundies add yet another court case to their unbroken string of losses.
Oh, yeah, my thought exactly! :D

He won't file. He'll just keep "thinking" about it. As I said in another thread, a lot of the "news" is gossip and rumor. Gossip and rumor can sell issues for months. Then he'll enter the realm of the urban myth. (Maybe people will even come to believe that he did file and lost to those elitist louts in the court system!;) He'll get on threaten to sue them, too...

Gee, I'd love to work at the Smithsonian, Richard. And I'd love to have a Ph.D. in mathematics, Bill (now I'm plugging through Trig for Dummies, gawd how humiliating). And I'd love to have someone else pay for me to study Biology, Jonathan. Yeah, you ID dudes are so oppressed!  :angry:

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