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Tony M Nyphot

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(Permalink) Posted: April 21 2015,22:32   

I know there are more than a few here at AtBC that fondle the guitar with much delight. I don't know how many are acoustic finger pickers.

I am...and I just learned of the recent passing of one of my main idols.

The world has lost a guitar genius without parallel.

I was privileged enough to attend a guitar camp he headlined, spending 2 2-hour private sessions learning from him. Oh...and share a bottle of "fantastic" Glenmorangie Highland over dinner after meeting back up with him at Denver concert years later.

John Renbourn - NY Times

John Renbourn - The Gaurdian

John and Bert were the guitarists I wanted to be. I would also thank them for introducing me to the music of Mingus and Monk.

"I, OTOH, am an underachiever...I either pee my pants or faint dead away..." FTK

"You could always wrap fresh fish in the paper you publish it on, though, and sell that." - Field Man on how to find value in Gary Gaulin's real-science "theory"

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