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Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 12 2010,09:11)
Quote (sledgehammer @ Aug. 11 2010,23:59)
Any chance we could see some closeups? esp the seal and that feature at fret 12 looks interesting.

Here's a vid.

If you have problems viewing videos, here is the script:

Lights raise on stoner standing with a guitar

Stoner: Wasssssup!

Shaky Camera work......EXTREME CLOSEUP!1!!!!!111!1!

Stoner: This one dude had this custom made for another dude as a gift.  Pretty sweet swag.....

awkward pause

Stoner: .....or not.

Stevie Ray Vaughn riff

Stoner: Uggh

Plays Deep Purple

Stoner: My woman from TOW-KAY-OHH!!!1!111!!

Stoner:  OwWWW!!!

More SRV

Stoner: Oh YEAH. Feel it!!

Fade to Black. Roll credits

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