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Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 11 2010,15:00)

"The Golden State" Stratocaster was specially built for California Governor Pete Wilson by master luthier George Amicay with the assistance of Jason Davis at the Fender Custom Shop in early Fall 1998. Unique, the bass side features a gorgeous, finely rendered five inch diameter carving of The Great Seal of the State of California overlaid with gold leaf paint. This handwork, quite labor-intensive, took Amicay 200 hours to complete and is signed "G. Amicay '98." On the treble side are the signatures of former California governors, Pete Wilson and George Deukmejian carved in facsimile, and adjacent to the Great Seal is the carved facsimile signature of Dan Lungren, California's Attorney General under Wilson who ran for but lost the 1998 governor's race. What had been planned as very special congratulatory gift from Wilson to Lundgren became, instead, a heartfelt token of consolation.

Well done Rich! You made the right decision.

She's a beauty.

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