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Schroedinger's Dog

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Quote (Richardthughes @ Aug. 02 2010,20:35)
Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Aug. 02 2010,14:23)
Quote (Steviepinhead @ Aug. 02 2010,20:07)
Glad to help keep this thread going, but -- wah! -- wuddabout my chords?

Really, it's a pretty little lilting broken-hearted love song.  Give it a listen and if you don't like, certainly I wouldn't expect anyone to labor over the chords...  But if someone DUZ LIKE, then I'd be exceptionally, eternally, nay, virtually grateful if they'd figger out the chord changes and pass them along.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Stevie!

Ok, I'll get to it tomorrow and give you the basics.

EDIT: if you already have the starting chord, I can figure it out right now. Else I'll have to go and get my guitar or keyboard in the attic...

Do you have perfect pitch / perfect relative pitch?

perfect relative. But I couldn't sort out a A from a B. if you just pop a note to me without a reference...

BTW, it is done. Just work out the final structure, but it's not so hard:

(intro): C# minor, B minor

Verse: A major, F# minor, A major, B Minor, C# minor

Bridge: D major, B minor, C# minor, A major, B minor, A major, B minor, C# major, A major, B minor

Chorus (I suppose): D major, E major, A major, F# minor, B minor, C# minor, A major, B minor, C # major

Finish: A major

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