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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Aug. 06 2008,15:35)
i got to hang out with him a few hours at an Old Time Music Week thing I worked at a few years ago.  I dont understand how those guys get two or three strings droning so clear while still playing a melody.  you can't even hear the bow changing direction.

my fiddling sounds like the hammonds family compared to that.

If you are ever down here in Sooner Country, a trip to Guthrie to visit Byron Berline is highly recommended.  He and his band play one or two shows a month in a small room above the fiddle shop and they are alot of fun.

Interesting Trivia for Arden and Albie:  The guitar player's name is Jim Fish, and he used be the curator of birds at the Oklahoma City Zoo and, for a while, was at the National Aviary in Pittsurgh.

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