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This was a pretty good article by New Scientist standards.

This really isn't all that surprising, I don't think, even given the DI's loathing for labwork. The dembski/behe technobabble that they came up with in 1995 no longer works now that it's been aired in court. They now have to come up with some new technobabble if they're to continue at all. Using my amazing psychic powers, I predict that one of the following two things will happen:

1. We will literally never hear from these people ever again

2. In a few years Axe and Dixon will start publishing books full of technobabble under some new banner which is not "Intelligent Design", taking the exact places Behe and Dembksi took under the ID banner. This technobabble will be based on the "research" done at biologic over the next couple years; and since the list of research topics in that article is ALL about evolution and nothing about "design", we can assume the DI STILL hasn't learned their lesson and the technobabble will all be of the form "We did some research, and we discovered this thing about evolution that NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN AND NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN. Therefore goddiddit."

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