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Arden Chatfield

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 14 2006,09:44   

Quote (jeannot @ Dec. 14 2006,05:33)
Woa, this lab is so secret than ID leaders like Dembski and Behe don't even know about it.
Or why wasn't its existence mentionned in Dover, when defendants were asked about the state of "ID research"?

All part of their master plan. they probably all discuss it on their Double-Secret Creationist List. (You know, the one where you're prohibited from discussing the age of the earth.) They were waiting until they had conclusive evidence to crush Neo-Darwinianism, at which point they'll publish their devastating argument that indeed, Goddidit™. At which point all us materialist chance-worshippers will scatter like mice, and Dembski and Davison will take their places as the greatest, most respected scientists in the world. Out of terror, Dawkins will become a fugitive, taking refuge in Iran, Syria and North Korea. Due to his association with this great Cultural Renewal, Dave Scot will successfully run for President in 2008, whereupon his first act will be banning all homos and Judge Jones.

Funny, I always assumed their secret lab would be a scary mountaintop redoubt, like this:  

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