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Doc Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: July 19 2012,20:17   

Doc Bill is not shy and jumps in to bite Klinghoffer's ass.  It was not good, btw:

Hey, Klinghoffer, remember when Abbie Smith kicked Behe's balls up around his ears for a lie he published in Edge? Remember that? It was embarrassing because Behe was sloppy and left comments open on Amazon and Abbie got in there and tore Behe a new one. Behe recanted, remember? He admitted he "made a mistake" when we all knew he lied. You might want to call Mikey and ask him how long it took him to get over being pwnd by a "graduate" student, who are awesome creatures, by the way. You're there right now. You've been caught in a lie and you need to pwn up to it or suffer. Personally, I prefer you suffer but I'm a bad person.

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