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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ June 11 2010,07:39)
Interesting that this thread alone has been in existence for about 3.5 years, has 12,117 views, and thus has an average annual view rate of nearly 3,500 views/year. The Biologic Institute seems to be playing in "Low Expectations Theater" mode.

It says "Nearly 4000 unique visitors accessed the site within the first month of launch, indicating a considerable level of interest."
So, we don't know how many visitors the site regularly gets. But knowing that whoever wrote this probably tried to give their numbers the most positive spin, that every ID-friendly site and - more importantly - a lot of decidedly ID-unfriendly sites linked to the Biologic institute's site after its launch, I think we can safely assume that their monthly visitor numbers are underwhelming.

Over the last year they've had under 3400 visitors in total according to Compete.

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