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Quote (Mr_Christopher @ May 14 2008,17:20)
Man you have to go to their website.  They are out of their minds crazy and not one bit of it makes any sense.

And they are "teaming up" with Dembski to better understand biology.  Why not team up with davescot who clearly has a better understanding of biology than Dembski.  Retarded yes, but he's smarter than Dembski.

edit: someone should take a snapshot of their contact page

They claim the DI is not affiliated with them but on the contacts page they show:

Press inquiries should be directed to:

Robert L. Crowther, II
Director of Communications
Center for Science & Culture
Discovery Institute

206.292.0401 x107

They hope to win the argument ad doctorum... where Dembski's math degree and philosophy degree qualify him to vomit stuff about evolution.  Works for the rubes, and sells books.  And you are right about DaveScot knowing more biology than Dr. Dr.  Plus, DaveScot can still eat at the Baylor Cafeteria.

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