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THE cat-and-mouse contest between science and creationism took a new turn this week with the unveiling of a "God lab" ostensibly set up to search for scientific evidence for intelligent design. The move follows a 2005 US federal court ruling that ID is a religious idea not a scientific one.

“The move follows a US court ruling that ID is a religious idea not a scientific one”

The Biologic Institute in Redmond, Washington, has been shrouded in secrecy since it was established more than a year ago by the Discovery Institute, an organisation which claims ID is a scientific theory (New Scientist, 16 December 2006, p 8). Its existence was finally made public on 10 May, when details of the project were published online at

Most scientists remain unimpressed. "A cursory inspection of its staff roster reveals the same ID creationists whose work has already been critiqued and discredited, with a couple of new faces added for novelty," says Barbara Forrest, a philosopher who studies the creationist movement at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond.

From issue 2656 of New Scientist magazine, 14 May 2008, page 7

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