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In a piece titled Lacking a Middle-Ground, the Swiss Devolve into Evolutionary Dogmatism, Casey the Earth scientist laments the rejection of young-Earth creationism by a school district in Switzerland and pleads for the introduction of ID as a middle ground.  I like this line in particular:
Since young earth creationism is so controversial, the article reports that “[t]he school authorities in canton Bern quickly revised the brochure included in the textbook” and removed the young earth creationist materials, leaving students to be told that “evolution has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt.”

Casey, wake up!  YEC isn't controversial, it's brain-dead.

And this line from the article at swissinfo, quoted by Casey, really caught me by surprise:
According to Scheidegger, evangelical Christian churches are the driving force behind a literal translation of the book of Genesis and the rejection of evolution.

Ya don't say?!!

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