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Zero said...
Hi Allen
In your openion, does mankind
have a 6th sense?
10/17/2006 08:37:22 PM

Allen MacNeill said...
Neurobiologists have shown that humans, along with other mammals, have quite a few more than six senses. The skin alone has at least five: heat, cold, light touch, pressure, and pain. The eyes have at least two: light intensity and color/fine discrimination. The ears and semicircular canals have another three: sound, body movement in space, and gravity, and so forth. This list doesn't include the many receptors for internal physiological processes, such as blood pressure, blood glucose concentration, etc.
10/17/2006 10:09:03 PM
Zero said...
Thanks for your reply especially
since I was off topic.
IMO, you hit the target but with
Specifically,I had in mind
The 3 semicircular canals detect
motion in 3 axes,just like
gyros,controling yaw, roll,
and pitch.
IMO, that's why every living
thing is symmetrical.

10/18/2006 12:46:55 AM
Here's story #293 from my web site:


Dr. Mark Galfo assured me that my vertigo would go away after I had seen him about having several days of dizziness.
That weekend, Joan’s sister and her husband were visiting. We all agreed to get dressed and go up to our club for the evening. When Joan and I returned to the den, they were still there and hadn’t started to dress. They said, “We decided not to go.” Joan and I sat down and there were a few moments of silence. To make conversation, Joan asked, “Honey, how is your vertigo?” I replied, “Well, I’m all dressed up and no vertigo

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