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Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ Feb. 08 2009,08:32)
And I'd like to add that, having failed to read this whole thread at the moment, I might just have made a douchbag of myself, if your intents were just trivial.

My honest apologies if so...

Schroedinger's Dog, please do read my 24 pages in your spare time.  If I had felt them trivial or trite, I would not have posted.
Now as for the currency or time dating  of an eternal, living God with  BC, O, & AD, 2009 AD certainly meets that criteria.
Also, if you like but probably won’t, you can run a word search for ‘for ever’ in the ‘buy-bull’, which is your way, I suppose, of demeaning some people’s holy book, a no no established by Wes when he begain this site.


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