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You have to wonder...if these sheep were in many fewer illnesses, diseases or world problems would have be or gone unsolved?

Of course ...why bother with materialistic nature its the devils work. God willing, when 'Darwinism' is defeated no more investigation needs to be done they already know what the answer is...and anyway all that science does is produce more gaps..don't you get it?


If God designed or created every and everything was by design then would it not be an act to go against the will of God to cure an illness or changes the path of a virus...or move people out of harms way of a hurricane?

WHAT??? you heathen, help the unfortunate ill and the poor? THAT is just a test of our faith, god is on our side NOT THEIRS, are you saying Jesus was a communist?NO if he was alive today he would fence off the poor, send them more hurricanes and ban all medical research that proves man can create man (without a woman) just like me ...god.

The conservative has but little to fear from the man whose reason is the servant of his passions, but let him beware of him in whom reason has become the greatest and most terrible of the passions.These are the wreckers of outworn empires and civilisations, doubters, disintegrators, deicides.Haldane

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