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Quote (2ndclass @ Oct. 05 2006,13:16)
Quote (Steverino @ Oct. 05 2006,12:06)
Did Dover not happen...was I just dreaming?

Yes, you were just dreaming.  And you still are.  When you wake up, you'll find that geocentrism is still taught in schools and doctors still practice bloodletting.  Welcome to the Dark Ages.

You have to wonder...if these sheep were in many fewer illnesses, diseases or world problems would have be or gone unsolved?

If God designed or created every and everything was by design then would it not be an act to go against the will of God to cure an illness or changes the path of a virus...or move people out of harms way of a hurricane?

Funny how the pick and choose, how they interpret God's word and will.  Are they not themselves committing blasphemy by speaking for God

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