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Quote (rossum @ April 30 2012,19:07)
Quote (kn0808 @ April 30 2012,16:14)
Your criticism towards Dembski would be much more founded if you actually had an argument against him or his belief.

You are obviously not looking carefully enough. †Dr Dembski states that regular processes cannot generate CSI. †This is incorrect, regular processes can generate CSI.

CSI involves specified information, so we need a specification. †I will use the specification: The text of the King James Translation.

Now here is a piece of text:

Va gur ortvaavat Tbq perngrq gur urnira naq gur rnegu ... Gur tenpr bs bhe Ybeq Wrfhf Puevfg or jvgu lbh nyy. Nzra.

This text does not meet our specification. †It is of exactly the correct length, note the large ellipsis in the middle, but it does not contain the text of the KJV. †It is complex, because of its length bit it is not specified, hence there is zero CSI present in this text.

Now apply a regular process to this text. †ROT13 is a regular process, a MOD 26 alphabetic shift of +13: a <-> n, b <-> o etc. †What do we get when we apply this regular process to the text above? †We get this:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth ... The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

That changed text meets the specification, and is the same length. †Hence it is complex, specified and it is information. †The transformed text contains CSI -- Complex Specified Information. †A regular process has gone from zero CSI initially to a large quantity of CSI after its application. †This invalidates Dr. Dembski's claim that regular processes cannot generate CSI.


BTW, the Hebrew version of ROT13, Atbash, is used in the Bible itself.

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