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Doc Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: April 30 2012,19:32   

Dembski himself, or as Dave Scott (Esq.) would say "his own self" wrote that the Explanatory Filter doesn't work, he can't make it work, he can't figure it out and he's given up on it.

The only thing the fucker Dembski does consistently is LIE!

So, little Twerp Pastor-to-Be, if that's what you are, you're getting a great education by one of the most despicable, roundly derided, self-made loser (Univ. of Chicago to Baylor to Big Seminary to Little Seminary to unaccredited bum-fuck diploma mill) pathological lying fuckwit sociopaths on the planet!  Congratulations!

Oh, btw, I think you tallied your 10 responses so you'll get at least a "C" in Dembski's class on Totally Fucking Useless Shit.

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