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Quote (kn0808 @ April 30 2012,16:14)
While all of you are attacking Dembski, you are not making any kind of argument of your own. No one has even made an argument against one of his statements. You have simply discredited him and sworn at him. While you may not agree with Dembski or Intelligent Design, give me a rational explanation about what specifically is wrong with it and defend your own position. You are actually demonstrating exactly what he says neo-Atheists do in his book The End of Christianity when he says:

“Instead of presenting scientific evidence that shows atheism to be true (or probable), the neo-atheists moralize about how much better the world would be if only atheism were true. Far from demonstrating that God does not exist, the neo-atheists merely demonstrate how earnestly they desire that God not exist.”

Your criticism towards Dembski would be much more founded if you actually had an argument against him or his belief.

Here's your problem "his belief"

No one argues against his beliefs.  No one cares.  The problem is that he is lying and attempting to promote his beliefs as science and math.  Which is fundamentally and in every way wrong.

If he ever presents an actual argument that involves science, valid mathematics, or correct logical reasoning... then we'll happily dissect it.

Until then, there is nothing to do but laugh at him.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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