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LOL, guess what they're calling ID these days?

Scientific Apologetics.

The Institute of Scientific Apologetics is a division of Southern Evangelical Seminary that offers the Certificate in Scientific Apologetics designed for those interested in increasing their knowledge and effectiveness in defending the faith scientifically. The certificate prepares pastors, teachers, missionaries, and lay persons for apologetic and evangelistic ministry and outreach around the world. Students already accepted into a degree program may add this as a Concentration in Scientific Apologetics. Upon completion of this program the student should have demonstrated knowledge in Philosophy, Apologetics, Theology and Science.

"It is therefore with some urgency...."


Here's the relevant bit in Southern Evangelical's doctrinal statement....


We believe in the special creation of the entire space-time universe and of every basic form of life in the six historic days of the Genesis creation record. We also believe in the historicity of the biblical record, including the special creation of Adam and Eve as the literal progenitors of all people, the literal fall and resultant divine curse on the creation, the worldwide flood, and the origin of nations and diverse languages at the tower of Babel.

They'll make a YEC out of you yet, William.

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