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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 19 2006,12:40   

I've been trying to explain to you HOW to satisfy the logical argument your trying to make.

You just aren't listening.... at all.

I said you needed to equivicate (link, compare, quantify) your terms in your argument.

You need to explain to everyone how the leap from {Equal Tech in Archaeology} to {Higher Tech in Biology} is somehow comparative.  You need to do the same thing with {Equal intelligence to humans} to {Higher intelligence than humans}.  Since you have stated to everyone that you base this on complexity you can establish the equivelance statements by defining complexity in this context.

These equivecations are quantitative by definition (notice the mathy language in logic).

Once you make these equivecations, only THEN can you make further qualitative statements based upon the quantitative basis of your equivelence definition.

The statue in Ur compared to a modern statue is a qualitative measure because there are readily established and published norms (definitions, equivelances, links, etc.) about the nature of these statues and their creators (human artisans in this case).

Improvious and OA are correct in their statements.  They're just feeding you these requirements one morsel at a time.

Mike PSS

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