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Mike PSS

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 07 2006,15:36   

Quote (afdave @ Oct. 06 2006,23:40)
Mike PSS-- Let me help you out.  If you want a response from me, try this ...

"Dave, your claim that Deep Timers cannot prove that Whole Rock Isochron diagrams are not merely mixing diagrams is false because _."  

You fill in the blank.

Or ...

"Dave, mineral isochrons and concordia-discordia methods are much better than Whole Rock isochrons because __."

Alright Dave, I'll bite.

However, the second statement in your quote happens to be one of your assertions, not one of my points.  You stated this assertion earlier but haven't followed up by discussing the difference between mineral Isochrons and whole rock Isochrons (or the concordia-discordia ramifications).  So I'll only be commenting ONLY on your first statement.
So.... Here we go.

Dave, your claim that whole rock isochrons are merely mixing diagrams is false because I STATED THIS IN MY SUMMARY ON PAGE 7 WHEN YOU ASKED ME FOR THIS INFORMATION!

Stop, stop ,stop.  Oh, sorry, you wanted another format.  Let's try again.

Dave, your claim that whole rock Isochrons are not merely mixing diagrams is false because a verified co-genetic sample of rock will have various minerals formed from the homogenous melt where each mineral has a different uptake of Rb so that testing a whole rock sample will give a statistically different set of minerals contained within the whole rock sample so that testing for Rb from each sample will give different Rb values from each whole rock sample.  AND, selective extraction of specific minerals from the same co-genetic source will add usable data on the existing sample data set.  A verified co-genetic source will result in a data set in a linear relation when plotted on an Rb/Sr vs. Sr/Sr graph with both the whole rock and mineral data points on the linear line.

Therefore a properly tested whole rock Isochron is not merely a mixing line but a data set of various Rb/Sr concentrations that originated from a homogenous source.

Dave, If I simplify this anymore then my response will look like  
Rock, hard, good data, bad Dave, straight line, it burns, your turn.

Mike PSS

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