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Deadman ...  
Of course he does--with a little picture of Dave at the "top."

I beg your pardon ... that's Deadman at the top ... look closely and you'll see!

fossil record: geologic time scale with major evolutionary events. [Art]. Retrieved September 30, 2006, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online:

Hmmmm ... this is my trusty old Encyclopedia Britannica ... 2006 version.  Not sure how you get more mainstream than that.  Looks pretty "ladderish" to me.

Notice the timescale doesn't go all the way back to the first single-celled organism, but if it did, how many years more would that be?

Yes.  Evolutionists NEED Deep Time.  At least a billion years.  Probably more.  How am I wrong about this?

Mike PSS ... you are arguing something I don't even have any disagreement with.  Why are you wasting your keystrokes?  Do something productive ... like convince me that the Mineral Isochron method proves Deep Time.

Improv ... you are making the mistake of assuming that "most scientists" = "most Thumbsters" (you do know what a Thumbster is, right?)

And I can't keep straight what I'm supposed to read to get the REAL story on Evolution.  Some say Dawkins.  Some say others.  I say EB because I subscribe and someone here said they are reliable.

A Hi-tech alien spaceship lands on earth ... DESIGNED.
A Hi-tech alien rotary motor found in a cell ... NOT DESIGNED.

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