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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 05 2007,06:55   

Quote (Ichthyic @ Feb. 04 2007,18:21)
which has no "mature content" on it at all


well, after reading that story with the "twins" and the good father, I didn't need to buy a copy of Penthouse forums, that's for sure.

Glad I could save you a couple bucks.


Quote (Ichthyic @ Feb. 04 2007,18:21)

but of course, it's entirely beside the point as to why you were detagged to begin with.

looks like you are making a little headway though; back on the "friends" list thing, right?

A little bit of headway.  A small victory, but a victory.

Quote (Ichthyic @ Feb. 04 2007,18:21)


oh, wait, you were talking about the other blog; the one with your name on it.


Right.  Sorry, I should have been more clear.  The only way I can keep things straight is to really think of the girls as separate people, and their blogs as "Janie's blog" and "Kate's blog", so CHCB is "my blog".

The line is pretty fuzzy sometimes.  You might find this example pretty enlightening.

Quote (Ichthyic @ Feb. 04 2007,18:21)

yeah, obviously the reason he detagged you there was because he saw it as simply a challenge to his authoritah.

I'm glad my coffee was on the desk when I read that.

Y'know, I've been referring to The McCarthy Censorship Board, but now I think I'll start calling it The McCartman Censorship Board.

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