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Quote (Ichthyic @ Feb. 03 2007,21:00)
Your blog contains material that is not suitable for a younger audience, people who may be using their work computer and people who do not wish to read about such adult topics.


Not to mention the large percentage of UDoJ's traffic that came from WordPress' "sex" tag.

These were not people who accidentally stumbled onto our blogs while looking for Disney memorabilia.  

I posted at CHCB this morning with a graphic of my stats showing before, during, and after the uproar, which shows pretty well the effect of WordPress' censoring of my blog which has no "mature content" on it at all, but where I was posting about my displeasure with the censorship policy as enforced on UDoJ.

I understand that it's their site, but if you're going to advertise yourself as a place where you "strongly support the freedom to publish" and all that free speech stuff, it's rather disingenuous of you to be doing it while selectively censoring blogs from the view of that community.

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