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I come here with my hat in my hand, asking for all of your assistance.

The girls have been internally de-listed by WordPress on a whim, and can no longer be found on WordPress' category pages or even via the opt-in only Friend Surfer built into WordPress.  It's a service that lists recent posts by bloggers specifically selected by the user.

They are being censored, and I need to cause as much of a stink as I can to get them re-listed.

The supposed reason, as stated by WP support by email (after Janie asked - no notice before that)

Quote (Mark from WP @ February 2, 2007, 11:12 AM)
Your blog contains material that is not suitable for a younger audience, people who may be using their work computer and people who do not wish to read about such adult topics.

Yet other similarly themed blogs remain listed.

Janie has posted several times about what is going on, as has Kate, and as have I (though my blog has not been de-listed).

Censorship At WordPress

This is the first of several posts about it.

Unfortunately, since other WordPress bloggers will not see their posts listed, the girls have been effectively silenced and can't even stand up for themselves.

A fellow blogger has come to their defense, starting a new blog called "Censor This" with an URL of "".  The blogger (Joseph McCarthy) posts about the Terms of Service, and how the girls violated none of them, and then posts an open letter and emails WordPress Support.

Censor This

I'm asking each of their fans to comment on UDoJ, KissingCorporalKate, CrowdedHead, and/or Censor This and express your support.

Also, an email to Wordpress support at would help.  Perhaps if WP is deluged with protests, the girls will be re-listed.

Thank you for your support.

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