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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 20 2006,08:54   

Quote (Altabin @ Nov. 20 2006,08:37)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Nov. 08 2006,21:56)
One of my favorite moments at UD.

Fercrissake, you flirted with Sal Cordova.  Even just for pretend.  I think I have to lie down for a moment.

Well someone always has to do the dirty work y'know.  Tara sticks her arms up cow butts, I Fxxk with the fundies.  It's a gift.

Quote (Altabin @ Nov. 20 2006,08:37)

But honestly, UncommonDescent gets visited by a bubbly 17-year-old lesbian (um, undecided) young woman who happens to have no sexual preference thankyouverymuch, sprinkling her trenchant criticism of ID with stories about holding hands with her (female) cheerleading coach.  WHY did it take so long for us to figure it out!!??

I fixed that for ya.  Janie gets a little upset if she feels like she's being defined by one aspect of herself.

Quote (Altabin @ Nov. 20 2006,08:37)

By the way, it seems that someone has been trying to janiebelle Pharyngula.  My money's on DT, out for revenge (oops, can he sue me for that?)

He's a poser.  You're probably right.  Looks to me like DaveTard.

You may have coined a new term, though.... I like it.


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