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I've never before seen an ID geek declare "biologists are not scientists"

isn't Davetard famous for often quoting the "stamp collectors" analogy of biologists?

correct me if I'm wrong, but it actually seems a quite common attitude.

I even ran into it, dissociated from the creobots, as a grad student at Berzerkeley.

I met chemistry and physics grad students who on occasion would sport the attitude that biology was a "soft science" (I'm sure you've heard that term before, yes?).

being in the zoology dept. (the ultimate 'stamp collectors' i guess), I often heard idiotic statements of a similar nature coming from the mouths of grad students in the molecular and cell bio. dept.

The creobots simply play on pre-existing ignorances and contrivances already present throughout the community as a whole, including some scientists themselves.

not to be outdone, some zoology grad students (and even a prof or two) would knock the paleo dept. using arguments that sounded quite similar, when you get to the grit of it.

mathematicians would knock statisticians...

etc. etc.

such is life.  I often relate these stories to folks outside of academia who have the "Ivory tower" picture in their heads, to show them it's really not that much different in academia than any other field of human endeavor.

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