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link (interesting idea about pollution)
fisrt abstract
2nd abstract


Samples of a red rain that fell across the state of Kerala in India in July-August 2001 have been found to contain microscopic red cells (Louis and Kumar, 2006) of unknown origin. The early fall was associated with the 'thunder' and flash of a large meteor. They report that the cells appear to be very unusual in lacking a nucleus and DNA. Dr. Godfrey Louis kindly supplied us with a sample of this material for independent investigation in Cardiff.
High resolution electron microscopy has revealed internal structures as well as evidence of a replication cycle not commonly found in either bacteria or yeasts. These images are of thin cell slices viewed in the transmission electron microscope.
The first (above) shows three cells around 3 micrometres in diameter, with thick cell walls and a variety of nanostructures within a membrane, but with no identifiable nucleus. Apparent holes in the cell wall are real. The cell on the right has larger holes and may have lost its cytoplasm.

These quotes from the last link. Anybody know anything about these labs in britain? Crazy crazy. You'd think Davey made it up. Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction. This one could go either way I guess.

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