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or would you plead the 5th amendment if I asked you if you downloaded tunes?)

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Apollo asked:
I gleaned two possibilities from this post: pre-adaptations and/or adaptations that occur under the gun of strong selection.  Both are certainly possible.  However, could some (or most?) pre-adaptations result from "preferential" mutation systems?  Who is to say that only strong selection could trigger this alleged mechanism.

I'm afraid I don't really understand what you're saying here.  Could you clarify?  I think you might be using some idiosyncratic terminology.

Septic said:
Anyway, just reading the intro seemed to leave the possibility open for further review, unless I was missing something.

Well, papers don't often say, "We have conclusively disproven Professor B's hypothesis and recommend no further research."  Why doncha read the whole thing; it's not too long, and should be easily comprehensible for a biochemist.

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