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I got a laugh, Argy, when you said that you did not want to violate any copyright laws by posting the entire paper.  That would make you one of the few honest people left alive in this era of rampant music downloading (or would you plead the 5th amendment if I asked you if you downloaded tunes?)  :D

What you have posted appears to be an abstract that certainly conveys the existence of a controversy.  There is nothing wrong with this kind of arguement because if there is uncertainty-then people can just go back to their labs and do more research, survey broader sections of genome, etc.

I gleaned two possibilities from this post: pre-adaptations and/or adaptations that occur under the gun of strong selection.  Both are certainly possible.  However, could some (or most?) pre-adaptations result from "preferential" mutation systems?  Who is to say that only strong selection could trigger this alleged mechanism.

This is just an analogy, but if cells "know" how to "direct" and coordinate thousands of individual metabolic reactions and pathways, would their direction of mutations really be out of their "reach"?  

When I have time-I will read Chris Hyland's article as well, and see what's up there.

Best regards,

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