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Dear Dave Tard, I cannot express my grief over you recently being neutered by that "cool" Bill Dembski.  The long hours you put in to UD, making it ground zero for the scientifically challenged and this is what you get for your efforts?  Replace by Janet Reno's twisted sister?

You banned more people in 6 months than there are signatures on the Disco's Darwin dissenting list.  Heck they should put you in charge of the Disco!

The day you banned me for "being all nice" on UD brought a tear to my eye.  You put the "A" in absured and the "I" in ignorant.  Where would "cool" Bill Dembski be without you.  More disturbingly, where will UD go without you?  Down the toilet as they say in the Marines :-)

One day "cool" Bill Dembski will see the error in his ways, but I fear it will be too late.

Please take pity on us here at the bar and start your own blog.  Many of us need a Dave Tard fix to get through the day.  You can write about anything as long as it includes the notion that intelligent design is science.

Please Tard, don't leave us hanging!  We believe in you.  You don't need "cool" Bill Dembski to bring the "scientific" theory of intelligent design to the masses and you need not have any intelligence or education at all to be an expert in Design Detection and Theory.  Can't you see that?  Heck I have read your posts, you could give Behe a lesson in biology and tutor "cool" Bill Dembski in math with one hand tied behind your back.

Stand up, man, and proclaim yourself an expert on the topic!  Write books, give speeches, make money and most of all, quote anonymous friends and sources on your blog!  You are as much of an expert on intelligent design as "cool" Bill Dembski, don't you see that?  Stand up for yourself and take your rightful place as a leading expert in Intelligent Design, Detection and Theory and leave losers like "cool" Bill Dembski in your intellectual wake.

Seriously, man, don't take this in the pants.  YOU are a Marine, sir.  Would the Marines bow down and crawl away, whimpering about how unfair things are or would they regroup, come up with a better battle plan and win one for God, Country and honor?

Think about it, soldier.  YOU are an expert on intelligent design and YOU do not need Dembski, Larry, the Disco or Janet Reno's twisted sister.  


Your pal,

Uncommon Descent is a moral cesspool, a festering intellectual ghetto that intoxicates and degrades its inhabitants - Stephen Matheson

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