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Perhaps it's my exposure to real-time online debates in chatrooms that is swaying me, but I do think education is very important here. The vast majority of creationists/fundamentalists have poor-middling educations, I think I can safely say that, given the stats on this. For instance, in the Spring 1986 edition of Free Inquiry, Burnham Beckwith compiled a list of studies examining IQ and strength of religious attitudes. 13 studies found that students with higher IQ's and academic test scores tend to be less religious/fundamentalist. Most of the "studies" however were old, some dating back to the 1920's, some in the 1980's
However, Goode, Erich. 2002. "Education, scientific knowledge, and belief in the paranormal." SKEPTICAL INQUIRER 26(1): 24-27. says that while degree of fundamentalist religiosity influences susceptibility to Biblical creationism, most American researchers also contine to find that those less educated are more traditionally religious. The net effects of degree level, controlling study year, age, gender, number of science courses, college major, basic science knowledge, and attitudes... continued to predict rejection/acceptance of fundamentalist and creationist views.
A 2005 Harris Poll exploring the beliefs of American adults about evolution, creationism and Intelligent Design theory (cf. Skeptical Inquirer, 29(6), 2005, pp. 56-60 & the poll itself @ ) reveals
64% of American adults believe 'human beings were created directly by God' ("Creationist")
22% believe that 'human beings evolved from earlier species' ("Evolutionist)
10% believe that 'human beings are so complex that they required a powerful force or intelligent being to help create them.' (Intelligent Design) --------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Skeptical Inquirer noted that there is a strong correlation between age, geography, politics and education and beliefs about evolution: Those with college educations, independents, liberals, adults aged 18 to 54, and those from the Northeast and West support the belief in evolution in large numbers.

The typical American Creationist is Midwestern or Southern resident who lacks higher education, judging by this data .

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