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I'd like to offer a bit of irony to this discussion.  Louis seems to lament the regurgitation of facts style of teaching in most public schools, a sentiment that I agree with by the way, and implies that it enourages or supports the spread of creationism.  And yet current teaching of evolutionary theory at the high school and early college level is expected to be accepted, memorized and regurgitated.  No original ideas are tolerated and there are "Right" and "Wrong" answers.

I accept that this could be the product of the current debate where the ID argument is attempted to be displayed as a valid scientific argument.  Personally, I don't accept that premise but shouldn't students who are taught to think for themselves and critically evaluate an argument be able to come to that conclusion themselves?  Or are we afraid that most will just take the easy way out, a la Feynman?

just a thought, if we really want to encourage individual thinking and original ideas and teach the tools to encourage this then we have to be prepared for the products of these students.  Think of it as an example of the Rule of Unintended Consequences.

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