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Stephen Elliott

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(Permalink) Posted: July 08 2006,05:21   

Speaking for UK only.

I do not understand why we have a government target of 50% of pupils going to University.

IMO. Primary education should be mostly rote learning facts with a little more generalised education, including PE.

Secondary education should be more diverse. English, Maths and Science to a decent basic lvl, also allowing choices at about age 13+. More skills classes for the less academic.

Let children "fail" sometimes, it is a part of life everyone has to face.

I also agree with "streaming", letting children learn at their own pace.

I do believe that a lot of schools are now just teaching to pass the exam, therefore improving the schools "score".

Unlike Louis, I do think teachers bare some of the blame. Certainly not all of it (the government is No1 culprit) but some.

I find it worrying to work among so many degreed people who seem ignorant.

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