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Hey Chiefley, dunno if you've come across this website yet, but Talk 2 Action is a weblog that keeps an eye on this type of stuff.

While we should no underestimate the amount of trouble Dominionists and Reconstuctionists can cause, I'm not really too concerned that they will make much headway in America in the future.

The Terri Schiavo affair was a salient moment in this debate. Conservatives tried to make this a "values voter" issue and were roundly rebuffed by the majority of people who were appalled by the government's attempt to intrude into this woman's private life.

In isolation, they may be able to score some politcal points against evolution, but their wider agenda of bringing back an Old Testament-style rule of law will, if you forgive the Biblical illusion, fall upon stony ground.

The only chance these people have of taking over the country would be after some terrible trauma  like a nuclear war or widespread terrorist biological attack, and frankly, if that happened we would have more important things to worry about!

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