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Lenny et al,
  I am just now reading a very scary book called Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism.  Its written by Michelle Goldberg, a writer at Salon, who writes about the politics of the extreme left and right.  

  She traces the taxonomy of Rushdooney and all of his protoges, among other very scary things.  I have read a lot of books in this area, such as What Happened to Kansas, American Theocracy, The Rep War on Science (which are all pretty scary), but this is the one that really makes me want to draw the shades, turn out my lights and hide under the bed.  She has done her homework, is very articulate, and is appropriately horrified.

  You might be way ahead of me on this one, but if not, I highly recommend this book.  You guys don't seem to scare too easily.

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