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Question: Gay Marriage Poll :: Total Votes:78
Poll choices Votes Statistics
Gay marriage should be legal 75  [96.15%]
Gay marriage should not be legal 3  [3.85%]
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(Permalink) Posted: June 09 2006,02:13   

Thorydaddy,  your arguments are old and tired.  The same were trotted out as reasoning against interracial marriages.

It's nothing more than a scare tactic employed by the "people who know best".  It usually ends up with a comment like....."well, what if someone wants to marry a sheep"...or something really stupid.

Nothing has done more harm than to the sanctity of marriage than heterosexuals inability to keep their own marriage vows.

Not too mention, this entire topic is a ploy by the right to shore up the Fundie vote for this off year election.

One might think with all the issues like the war, prices of gas, health insurance...we would have other items to focus on.

- Born right the first time.
- Asking questions is NOT the same as providing answers.
- It's all fun and games until the flying monkeys show up!

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