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Question: Gay Marriage Poll :: Total Votes:78
Poll choices Votes Statistics
Gay marriage should be legal 75  [96.15%]
Gay marriage should not be legal 3  [3.85%]
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(Permalink) Posted: June 08 2006,21:23   

What does what boil down to?

The way the current laws stand. Imagine two nice spinsters living together. No rumpy pumpy just two women who never got married to anybody else and a firm friends. Now, if one get's critically sick and into hospital the other might not get to see her. In fact her brothers and sisters who have not seen her for 40 years have more rights than these two ladies. If one dies then the superannuation (In Australia) goes to the family. Similarly things like insurance etc etc. This is what this is all about. A way that co-dependant people can have legal rights and recognition.

Thordaddy, you and the bigots are making this about sex. Gays already have sex and live together. Because you don't like what people do in their bedrooms (and on chandeliers) you want to deny them some basic human rights.

Anyway my last comment to you on this as I was talking to the reality based people.


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