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Doc Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: April 07 2011,11:10   

Happy Paul Nelson Day!

I take it all back.  Paul is definitely not like an inverse-whale that rises to the surface to fart.  A whale would have a brain.

No, Paul is more like a methane/hydrogen sulfide bubble that takes about a year to form on the ocean floor before it rises to the surface with a grand *poot*

Out at Evo Whine and Cheese, the great Nelson writes the following:

I was supposed to do this a year ago -- well, long before that, too -- but a glacier passed me on the interstate, and then I ran out of gas, got so depressed that I threw my notes into a box, and...oh, never mind. Let's get started.

After the second entry in this series (part II), we'll open up the comments section for your responses. Complete citations and additional reading will also be compiled at the end of part II.

1. Introduction: Why A Biological Distance That's Currently Impossible to Measure, Ontogenetic Depth, Nevertheless Really Matters to Evolutionary Theory

After "currently impossible to measure" I stopped reading.  It was just too painful.

OMFG!  I hate to break the news to you, Paul, but even the totally batshit insane Naziphile, Klinghoffer, writes better stuff than this.

See you next year, Pauly!

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