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Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ April 07 2009,19:53)
Quote (JohnW @ April 07 2009,11:07)
Quote (Doc Bill @ April 07 2009,07:56)
Paul replied that he had a list of seven or nine things that if demonstrated would convince him.

Excitedly, the interviewer asked, "What are they?"

And, amazingly, Paul replied that he left the list in his hotel room.  OK, well, since he's studied this for decades and written a book on the subject couldn't he remember one or two of the points.

1.  God appears to him in a vision and tells him that evolution is true.

2.  Paleontologists find fossilised remains of every single organism which ever lived, and molecular biologists determine precise step-by-step evolutionary pathways for every biochemical and anatomical system.

3.  Behe sees "Evolution is true.  Signed: God"  inscribed on a bacterial flagellum.

4.  The Rapture occurs.  Ken Miller is taken up.  Dembski, Nelson and Wells are Left Behind.

5.  In an elegantly argued, beautifully crafted article, Denyse O'Leary convinces him of the error of his ways.

6.  Uncommon Descent introduces a grown-up moderation policy.  The case for creationism goes down in flames in a few hours.

7.  Darwin's time machine, which he used to go back to the fifteenth century and drive the Jews out Spain, is found.  Nelson uses it to go back to the Cambrian, and learns that the explosion happened without divine guidance.

roflmao that's great.  and not, i suspect, far from the truth.

How about

111one!!: Dave Tard discovers cancer cure for dogs, commits blogo-side and retires to mushroom ranch.

Tw12: Dembski wakes up in parallel universe and finds a Darwinist "illegal immigrant" is running USA, walks out of the DI and slouches back to sunday school.

3teen: Denze checks into convent for tard tranzies and confirms virginity in English.

!4: Berlinski discovers limit and re-enters singular person.

ONE5: Luskin ...meh

SexQueen: BarryA declares speech "not free" appreciating  tard-coinage only currency acceptable.

SexQueen plus !: Gonzo Jamaican weasel and his trusty sidekick give themselves then each other blowjobs in puplick on UD latching new record for weasels.

SexQueen double plus one: Home run for science in Texas, extra points for DI screwing supporters.

19: Sal's second comming at UD.

20: Creationist Tard enters lexicon.

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