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Davey, Davey, Davey,

The problem is that you are NOT answering questions even in the original thread, let alone a new one. You are just telling us what your pastor told you to think. We already know that stuff. In fact, some of the people here could have a deeper discussion of Biblical matters that your pastor probably could.

You are trying to poke holes in minutia and claiming that you are making inroads. You pop a bubble and claim that the bubble machine is not full of soap.

At first, I thought you might be truly thinking that you would like to be educated but that thought quickly evaporated. Preach away buddy. You can join the ranks of the provincial god's last gasps. The unfortunate fact is, you need to be able to modify your spiritual practices to include  the ability to assimilate evidence. Don't get rid of them, we wouldn't want you to lose all your moral guidance and start raping and killing, but modify them.

You are telling us that you know something. well prove it. Answer that list of questions I asked. Because those are the foundation of the kind of science that you want to be able to critique. But do you walk in to your shop teacher and tell him that you have just proved that a table saw doesn't "actually" make straight cuts?

Your appologetics get lame as soon as you delve into them. Your questions have been answered. You just refused to recognize that. Don't talk about genetics like you know anything about it because it just makes you look dumb.

Want to debate the age of the Earth? That might be a better place for you to start. The info is a lot more managable for a guy like you. Maybe you should start there. Then move on to a geologic timeline- You know, so you can get a sense of proportion.

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