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Steve Story said ...
I like opening new topics for news items. A bunch of people see them, and if they don't start a discussion, they slowly drift down the page and are gone.

So this is not allowed any more?  I would like to do this occasionally also ... but I would not do it more than once a week ... probably less than that

I see Mr Christopher has 3 of these open right now

Jeannot said ...

I personaly think that Dave's doubts regarding chromosomal fusions and other patterns of primate evolution deserved their own threads.


again you can delete these 3 if you like ...
"Cain's Wife"
"Chimp Chromo"
original "Creator God Hypothesis"

And if someone with better judgement cares to open a thread that is about the topic of chromosomal changes in evolution, and not just about AFDave's particular disagreements, then that would likely be peachy.

So I don't have good judgment (other than I don't support Common Design Theory)?  What criteria do I need to meet to be able to start a new topic?  (not that I need one now -- I only need the two I specified -- but several people have asked me off-topic questions in my threads and at some point, it would be appropriate to start a new thread and answer them if I have time.)

A Hi-tech alien spaceship lands on earth ... DESIGNED.
A Hi-tech alien rotary motor found in a cell ... NOT DESIGNED.

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