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Hey afdave, as you know the intelligent design creationists suggest that the "fine tuned universe" and mankind is the result of an "intelligent designer".  With a straight face they assert this designer may be a time traveler, space alien or a god.  They do not say which god it was (there are many) nor do they shed any light on which planet the space alien calls home nor do they provide any clarity as to which time zone the time traveler prefers to hang his hat.  Oh well, science can only answer so many questions.  But anyhow...

As a creationist and scientist who has already proven darwinism is false,  can you tell me which of these three you believe is the intelligent designer and why?

1) space alien
2) time traveler
3) god

I would like your opinion and the scientific and biological evidence you used to come to your conclusion.

ps. I have recently read where Mr Potato head is being considered as a candidate for the intelligent designer but quite frankly I am skeptical of the evidence so far.


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