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Whoah!  Whoah! Whoah!  Whoah!

Did I read that right?  I never noticed this before!  I was laughing so hard that John was griping about my miniscule range of Y-values being only slightly more miniscule than Dalrymples that I didn't even notice the X-axis values!

This is great!!  I wish I had noticed this before!!  Thank you for pointing this out to me!!

Look at those X-values!  Talk about MINISCULE!!

So you mean to tell me that you think this meteorite is 4.6 GYO because they measured these infinitesmally miniscule values and they plot on a nice line with a slope?  Wow!

Hmmm ... I guess I should be more understanding.  I came to this discussion with absolutely no illusions that radiometric "dating" could tell us anything about the real age of rocks.  But I forget that you all DO believe in that sort of thing, and yes, you are correct about your slope comparisons.  I suppose I should be more considerate and at least give you a fair chance to explain why it makes sense, even though it makes no sense to me.

And mind you, I do understand why positive slopes LOOK like old age, but I just keep hearing Dalrymple's statements ringing in my ears ...  
The K-Ar method is probably the most widely used radiometric dating technique available to geologists.
and ...  
Unlike argon, which escapes easily and entirely from most molten rocks,
... and migrates IN also, JonF, as we have seen.

And the famous Cherry Picking statement ...  
One of the principal tasks of the geochronologist is to select the type of material used for a dating analysis. A great deal of effort goes into the sample selection

But alas, you don't care about any one this ...


Alright, so, you're convinced the earth is old ... I'm not ... what did I expect?

But ... as in all our other discussions, I have come away from this one with a really nice view of ...


And tomorrow ... Mineral Isochrons!

(Oh BTW ... did anyone notice that the chart we just discussed with the miniscule range of values was primarily a MINERAL isochron chart? I think there may be something to discuss there ... we shall see!;)

A Hi-tech alien spaceship lands on earth ... DESIGNED.
A Hi-tech alien rotary motor found in a cell ... NOT DESIGNED.

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