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Quote (afdave @ Sep. 08 2006,18:43)
How did Noah manage to carry millions of animals in his arch, since marco-evo never happened?
I suppose you mean macro-evo?  I think you are confused.  Noah did not have to carry millions of animals on the ark because micro-evolution does indeed occur and many varieties of animals would have developed after the Flood from just a single pair.  The reason he had to carry 35,000 (Morris/Whitcomb's guess) is because macro-evo has never happened and never will happen.  

Your ridicule is fascinating Dave :D
Variety (biology)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In botanical nomenclature, variety is a rank below that of species: As such, it gets a ternary name (a name in three parts).
A variety will have an appearance distinct from other varieties, but will hybridize freely with those other varieties (if brought into contact). Usually varieties will be geographically separate from each other.

But please, gohead and explain us how the million of *known* species of insects are only varieties of a few species.
Are gorillas and macaques two varieties of the "primate kind"?
In this case, you would'nt mind considering human and chimpanzee as two varieties of the "ape kind" Davey, would you? :)

And of course, sometimes after the flood(?), mutations rates were thousands of times higher than they are today. Is it linked to the faster rate of decay, Dave? My theorie of a space-time distortion, could be handy.
If macro-evo was possible, there would be no need for an ark to preserve distinct kinds.

Interesting reasoning. "The Arch had to preserve 35 000 species since macroevolution doesn't happen. 'Cause if it did, Noah wouldn't have had to preserve those 35 000 kinds. Duh." :D

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